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Styku 3-D Body Scan Benefits


Studies show that high body fat percentage increases your risks of underlying conditions. New 3D scanning technology can measure body composition, health risks, and help you make the lifestyle changes needed to improve your quality of life. Get detailed progress reports with data and visualizations that aid in motivation to keep you focused on your goals. Set fat-loss goals and target goal dates with customizable workout frequency and calorie deficits to best fit your needs.  Comes included in our Cryo Body Sculpting Packages.

✅ Fast & Non-Invasive

✅ Uses harmless infrared camera

✅ Contactless, safe & private

✅ Only takes 35 seconds

✅ Set caloric goals

✅ Track health risks

Styku 3-D Body Scan Fat Loss Calculator

Fat Loss Calculator

Set fat loss goals for body fat % and fitness level, track your progress across multiple scans. Reach your goal in a specified amount of time by setting the amount of weight per week you'd like to lose

Styku 3-D Body Scan Calorie Calculator

Identify Caloric Targets

Styku will determine the required calorie deficit to meet your goals. Explore your energy balance by setting your desired activity level to meet your date goal and calculate your maximum calorie intake. 

3d body scan

Body Shape Analysis

Calculate waist circumference and analyze your shape. View and track anthropometric measurements, subcutaneous fat change across multiple scans. See your changes in 3-D!

Visualize your changes

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