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Revitalize your skin and turn back the clock with our advanced LED Phototherapy treatment! This non-invasive treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling revitalized, giving you the appearance of a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Red light helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin by improving circulation and providing cells with oxygen and nutrients. Blue light is effective in treating acne because it penetrates only the uppermost layer of skin, killing bacteria and increasing oxygen levels. Infrared light promotes tissue regeneration, cell growth, and blood flow. This treatment can be combined with localized cryotherapy for even better results.​

✅ Improves Skin Tone and Clarity

✅ Reduces Wrinkles

✅ Increases Skin Elasticity

☑️ Increases circulation

☑️ Accelerates tissue repair

☑️ Eases Muscle & Joint Pain


Red Light

Harness the power of red light to stimulate cell regeneration and collagen and elastin production, resulting in visible improvements in skin texture and tone. This non-invasive treatment helps to eliminate wrinkles, repair damaged tissues, and give your skin a youthful, revitalized appearance.


Blue Light


Utilize blue light wavelengths to kill acne-causing bacteria and clear out pores. The antimicrobial properties of blue light make it highly effective at treating breakouts and improving the overall appearance and health of the skin.




LED Phototherapy treatment harnesses the power of infrared light to provide targeted relief and promote healing in the affected area.  This helps decrease inflammation, activate pain relieving pathways and increases tissue regeneration in the localized area.

Revitalize Yourself

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